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Luck Of The Day
Monday, 30 July 2012 @ 11:45 | 0 Comment [s]

Salam Ramadhan, Alhamdullillah. Dah 10 hari dah umat islam berpuasa. S.I tengah bosan nak cerita kegembiraan yang dialami oleh S.I sendiri termasuk kawan S.I. Tadi pulang je dri solat terawih, S.I saja saja jhea call insan yang bernama Hanis Jaiman. Oh My Allah, her voice was so amazing and addicting. Thank you for answer my call for more than 1 hour. Woooosshhh. Bytheway, thanks to Nana Hyuna, because you was told to Hanis to read my blog yesterday, Love You too. Besides that, Thanks to Syibrah because forgive me on what i've been done for you. And, Congrats to Irdina because just get PSP like what you been dreaming for a long time. I think today is a better day than before, InsyaAllah.

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. Welcome, that just I want to say. Everything about Me, and My idol Demi Lovato *FUllstop. I'm just love My Family. But, I also prefer to love Nana Hyuna, Hanis, Eyza , Arief, Fauzi, Firzanah and who's my close friend.